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Sticky The Kitty

Cats Find You; 2nd Edition (Personalized and signed by Chuck and more importantly, Sticky)

Cats Find You; 2nd Edition (Personalized and signed by Chuck and more importantly, Sticky)

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The first edition of this book was about the amazing changes a tiny kitten made in an unsuspecting, middle aged maintenance mans life. It was about the lessons taught, relationships made, the heart breaks we all share, and just how far your tiny, random acts of kindness can travel.

This 2nd edition is still about all of those things, but it turned out this story was about so much more. It was really about... life. While life is different for all of us, it’s also remarkably similar. No matter where we come from, we all want the same things; hope, happiness and a little kindness in our tougher moments. In this 2nd and final addition of Cats Find You, Chuck takes one last insightful, touching and often hilarious look at:

-The highs and lows of sudden 'cat fame'

-The struggles of single parenting

-Finding your purpose

-Hope, forgiveness, and letting go

-Being grateful for the journey, even when it sucks

New stories, deeper explanations of the stories in the first edition and over 200 photos including reader submitted photos. Consider the first edition, the pocket edition, with this one being the Expanded Directors Cut. Twice as long and at least twice as good!

This story is about believing in hope, kindness, finding your purpose, magic, perseverance, and even angels. Most importantly, though... it's about YOU! If this fatherless boy and this thrown away kitten can accomplish all of this.

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