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Sticky the Kitty, LLC

Sticky the Kitty, Volume 2; Sadie Comes To Town

Sticky the Kitty, Volume 2; Sadie Comes To Town

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 Ages: All ages

 Have you ever wondered why someone acts the way they do? Why someone does the things they do? Sometimes we don’t know all the things that we don’t know about someone. Sadie Come to Town, is the 2nd book of the Sticky the Kitty series and introduces a 4th character to the gang, Sadie . Also based on a true story, Sadie joins Sticky’s family just as Sticky is getting settled in. Old timers,  JoJo and Stewie, have taught Sticky the house rules and are all getting along wonderfully. Until Sadie, shows up. Sadie immediately gets a little too comfortable for Sticky’s liking, and begins to sit in Sticky’s favorite spot, take Sticky’s favorite toys… and even cuddle with JoJo. Sticky is none too happy about this new ‘family member’ and her seemingly complete lack of respect for any kind of rules or pecking order. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Sticky has a talk with JoJo and explains that Sadie doesn’t know the rules. He goes on to explain how she doesn’t know her place and is making everyone uncomfortable and she needs to go. Jus then they hear an almost identical conversation from the other room. Except this time its Sadie explaining to Stewie how Sticky is the mean one. Always telling her she doesn’t know what she is doing and trying to take her favorite cuddle spot. JoJo has heard enough. As the wise old man of the house, JoJo calls a meeting to explain to both Sticky and Sadie that they may not know all of the things they don’t know about the other. Sadie and Sticky end up having more in common than they think, and learn that there are reasons people act the way they do sometimes, and we may not know those reasons. That’s why we should always be kind. Sometimes, we just don’t know all of the things that we don’t know. Sadie and Sticky become best friends in the end and learn to be patient while they each learn to share. Sometimes we just don’t know, all of the things that we don’t know.

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