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Chuck Hawley's journey as a writer was sparked by a life-changing encounter in 2018 when he discovered a kitten covered in glue, stuck to a road in Oregon. The heartwarming story of their rescue went viral, resonating with people worldwide and showcasing the profound impact of a simple act of kindness.

A quick internet search of Chuck's name will lead you to the heartwarming tale of Sticky, the kitten who changed his life. The overwhelming response from thousands of messages and emails flooded in, with readers expressing how Chuck's story had restored their faith in humanity. Some shared personal stories of how Chuck and Sticky's journey had inspired them to perform acts of kindness, and one remarkable message even revealed how their story had saved a life in the UK.

Chuck had been weaving stories for his own children for years, and the incredible response to Sticky's story inspired him to channel his storytelling skills towards promoting kindness, empathy, self-esteem, and compassion in both children and adults.

Since that fateful day, Chuck has authored and self-published ten children's books, which readers describe as "Children's books that adults should really read too." His Sticky the Kitty Series earned the Best Children's Book Awards in 2019 and 2020 and can be found in classrooms, libraries, and homes in 22 countries worldwide.

In addition to his children's books, Chuck has also created a successful series for adults called "Cats Find You." This series takes readers on a captivating journey through Chuck's early life, from his upbringing as a fatherless boy raised by a young mother and his grandmother to his unexpected turn as a famous teenage model in Japan, followed by a challenging period as a struggling single father. Just when he thought he had missed his life's purpose, Chuck's world was transformed by a kitten and a single moment of kindness.

Chuck's adventure touched hearts and changed lives around the globe, giving him the sense of purpose he had always sought while spreading hope and smiles far and wide. Praised as "the kind of book that just makes you feel good" by iHeart Radio's Monica Lowe, "Cats Find You; 2nd Edition" continues Chuck's mission of helping those facing adversity find hope and joy, even in their toughest moments, while pointing out how their own tiny moments of kindness can change a life; maybe, even their own.

Chuck's ever-growing fan base eagerly anticipates his classroom Zoom visits and delights in receiving Sticky the Kitty packages from his home-based headquarters at his family's growing animal rescue, affectionately known as "Casa de Sticky." You can find Chuck's books in stores, on Amazon, and on his website

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