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Sticky the Kitty, LLC

Sticky the Kitty, Volume 1; A Sticky Situation

Sticky the Kitty, Volume 1; A Sticky Situation

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Age: All ages

The Sticky the Kitty series is based on the true story of a 5 week old kitten that was found covered in glue and stuck to a road in Salem, Oregon. Sticky quickly became a symbol of hope around the world, and his rescuer, Chuck Hawley, used Sticky’s story as the inspiration to write a Children’s Book Series based on empathy, kindness, friendship and that hope that Stikcy had inspired. 

The first book in the series, A Sticky Situation, follows our protagonist, Sticky, through that very scary morning as he sniffs around trying to find his lost family, but instead finds himself covered in glue and stuck to a road, in busy traffic. Sticky tries to ask for help, as car after car zoom right over his head, but he is unable to raise his paws to get anyone’s attention… he’s stuck!  Just as Sticky is about to lose all hope, a car stops right in front of him. For a moment, Sticky is relieved. That is until he see’s a large man coming at him… if Sticky wasn’t stuck, he would surely run away. But this man isn’t there to be mean… he is there to help. Sticky puts his faith in this good Samaritan, and before Sticky knows it, he is off the road, wrapped up in his hero’s shirt, and on his way to get cleaned up. Realizing that they need a doctor’s help to remove the glue, Sticky is taken to the vet where is scared all over again. But once again, Sticky learns that even though the doctors may seem scary at first, they are there to help him too. Finally cleaned up and feeling good again, Sticky worries what will happen to him now. He has still lost his family and really wants to stay with his new friend. But maybe the man doesn’t want Sticky to stay with him and maybe the man has a family of his own… It turns out that all of Sticky’s “maybe”s are wrong and Sticky has not only been saved from the road, but he has found a new family to love him. Sticky is introduced to his new family and to his two new dog brothers, JoJo and Stewie, and ends his very scary day, learning the lesson that there are always more helpers. Even when we feel scared and all alone, it’s ok to ask for help. There are always more helpers.

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