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Sticky The Kitty

Sticky the Kitty; Volume 5 Perfect, Just How You Are - Paperback

Sticky the Kitty; Volume 5 Perfect, Just How You Are - Paperback

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We're baaaaaack! Join Sticky and the gang in their latest heartwarming adventure, "Perfect Just Like You Are." In this delightful addition to the Sticky the Kitty series, young readers are invited to explore a world of friendship, acceptance, and the wonderful magic of being unique.

Sticky the Kitty is feeling a little different from his brothers and sisters, and he's not quite sure how to embrace his own special qualities. With a heart full of questions, Sticky confides in his 'peeps', who love him dearly. The family rallies together to show Sticky the true beauty of being different.

In this charming tale, Sticky and the gang embark on a journey to a place where being different is not just accepted; it's celebrated. Along the way, Sticky meets a very special new friend who has his own brand of awesomeness, helping to show Sticky that different, is AWESOME! Through their adventures, Sticky and his friends discover that it's our individuality that makes us shine, and when we come together, we create something truly extraordinary.

"Sticky the Kitty: Perfect Just Like You Are" is a heartwarming story that encourages young readers to embrace their uniqueness and appreciate the diversity in those around them. As Sticky learns that being different is something to be cherished, your child will be inspired to do the same. With captivating illustrations and an important message, this book is a wonderful addition to the Sticky the Kitty series, reminding children that they are perfect just as they are. It's a celebration of friendship, self-acceptance, and the power of being uniquely you.

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