What are those Sticky the Kitty books really about?

What are those Sticky the Kitty books really about?

The Sticky the Kitty books have been around for almost 5 years now. In those 5 years, those little books have made it to homes, classrooms and therapists and doctors’ offices in over 20 countries around the world. They really have helped a lot of children and adults as well, with their own sticky situations. But what are they really about?

Well, first, they aren’t about animals or animal rescue. They are about people. Yes, the stories are told through the eyes of rescued animals and they are based on the real Sticky’s, real life family, but that’s where the connection to animals actually ends. If readers are inspired by these books to go out and rescue or help animals, the author thinks that is wonderful. But the stories were really meant to help people with some of the same issues that Chuck struggled with as a child.

The first book in the series, A Sticky Situation, is about not being afraid to ask for help. Wanting people and especially kids, to focus on all the good that was coming from Sticky’s own real life scary story, Chuck saw an opportunity to show kids how it is always okay to ask for help when you need it and how there are so many more people that want to help, than won’t. Sticky sat up and asked for help when he needed it. Little ones should know it’s okay for them to as well.

Shortly after Sticky was rescued from that road, the Hawley family added another addition. A black lab named Sadie. Sadie had her own sad back story and, in watching Sadie and Sticky trying to assimilate themselves into a family with two older dogs already in the house, Chuck found the inspiration to write the second book in the series, Sadie Comes To Town. This time the theme was being kind to everyone because we don’t always know what we don’t know about their lives. That message seems to be a universal one or at least a global one, as the Sadie book is one of the bestselling Sticky books in Europe, Australia and in the US.

A chance encounter at a Humane Society adoption fair would bring in the next Hawley family addition. This fair happened to be at a large pet store where Chuck and his wife, Mikee, had taken Sadie to obedience school. Sadie hadn’t joined the Hawley clan with the best manners in her suitcase. While Sadie was being dropped off at the grooming department, Chuck wandered by this adoption fair. In the almost empty bank of 9 cages sat one beautiful but very upset looking cat. It was as though she was sure there had been some kind of mistake and she did not belong there. After some paperwork and a very angry ride home in the car, she was introduced to Sticky and the family. While everyone else was excited to meet this new cat, Daphne, Daphne was not nearly as happy to meet them. The third book in the Sticky series, Daphne Comes To Town, was born, The theme being, It’s ok to be sad. Everyone gets sad sometimes, but it will go away. Sometimes it just takes a while. And sometimes the best thing we can do for a sad friend is to just sit with them and wait for that sad to go away. Warning: This is the book in the Sticky series that has the tendency to make the grownups cry. That’s how you know it’s a brilliant book.

There is a 4th Sticky book, set at Christmas time and introducing Kylee to the gang. As with the other animals in the books, Kylee is a real life dog in the Hawley family. Kylee came to the Hawley’s after being raised on the streets and having been thrown from a car that had crashed in a high-speed chase. According to vets, Kylee wasn’t supposed to survive, but after some TLC from Sticky and the gang, she not only survived but thrived. Kylee brings us the message that everyone needs and deserves love. Especially around the holidays. The longest of the Sticky books, A Very Sticky Christmas, is one of those books you read on Christmas Eve while counting your blessings. It’s the perfect little book for that. 

The Sticky the Kitty series has also produced a unique coloring book, meant for two people to color in the same book at once. The ‘You Color, I Color’ coloring books have been quite a hit with families and teachers looking for ideas to bring them closer with their kids or for ways to ease into conversations. What better way to have a chat than to color while you do it? 

There is also a stuffed animal that goes along with all of these books, and the fun habit of Sticky fans taking photos of their dolls with them out adventuring and then posting or sending them to Sticky. Sticky adoptees have posted photos from as far away as the Egyptian Pyramids and even China. As Chuck points out, that cat gets around!

While it’s easy to think that this book series may just be about the story of how one kitten was rescued, a deeper look shows that they are about so much more. They are about caring, empathy, friendship, feelings, relationships, understanding, and above all, self empowerment and most importantly, feeling good about youWith 3 Readers Poll, 'Best Children's Book' awards among them, the Sticky The Kitty series will make you laugh, cry, reflect and maybe even learn a little something.

You can find the Sticky series on the Sticky The Kitty website or Amazon sites in all countries Amazon is available.



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