Chuck’s top 10 ways to be more like Sticky

Chuck’s top 10 ways to be more like Sticky

This was apparently part of the morning meeting at our local Dutch Bros Coffee this morning.🥹 I’m sure they have no idea how much that means to me.🥹♥️ I’m also a little nervous that they’re going to find out just how easy that is to do. But if that’s something you’re looking to do, and here’s the top 10 ways you would go about that…

1. Remember where you came from/started and how hard that was. Be so grateful for every single person who helped you out. Even if it’s a cat.♥️🐾

2. Remember how the only difference between you and folks struggling really hard, is a little hard work, yes… but mostly a LOT of dumb luck.♥️

3. Remember you have people to make proud.♥️

4. Mind ya business. Unless you can help… then get all up in their business.😊♥️

5. Most people are good. Be gentle with people.🥰 Also… not all people are good…😡 I have a T-ball bat that I don’t mention much, but a few… bad folks😏, could tell you about. Sometimes it takes a hug. Sometimes it takes a t-ball bat.

7. Remember people are watching you and sometimes kids. Conduct yourself how you want to be remembered. You don’t want to be ‘that person’ to a kid. Also… You’re not going to always conduct yourself how you want to be remembered.😒 When that happens, be sure to apologize. Especially to kids. We can’t always get it right.🤷🏼😒

8. Never and I mean NEVER… wear Saturdays underwear on Saturday. Underwear is gonna tell you what to do???? Heck no….😡😂

9. Say the nice things to strangers that you’re embarrassed to say. Especially kids. Yep you seem kooky… kookys alright when it’s making people smile.😊♥️

10. When you finally get in the car with your favorite people, turn that music up and scream and cuss and sing and air guitar and do all the things people would be shocked if they saw you do.😎 That’s where the good stuff is.🥰 Keep those things for you and your favorite people.🥰

There’s your assignment.🥹♥️♥️♥️
Have a GREAT day friends. And thanks Dutch friends. Making an old guy and his cats day over here.🥹♥️
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